Does the name Heisenberg ring some bells? Well, for all those of you who have binge watched Breaking Bad a million times, this one is for you!

A new café named Walter’s Coffee Roastery has now opened its doors to the residents of Dubai and is all equipped with everything White (if you know what we mean)

The café has already become of the most unique coffee shops to have been operating in the Europe and has received a lot of recognition, after which they have added two more outlets; one being in Brooklyn New York and the other, none other than in My Dubai, located in Dubai Mall.

The Café has everything you have ever expected, right from workers in yellow hazmat suits, cupcakes with toppings resembling the product around which the show is built, and even the option to drink your coffee out of a beaker. There’s also a pancake you can order dusted with Heisenberg’s face on it.

Keeping the theme in mind around which the show revolved; Chemistry (Duh) the motto of Walter’s Coffee is to integrate science and coffee making together, right from extraction and brew temperatures to espresso machine pressure and grinder configuration; making coffee as scientific as possible.

The residents of Dubai have already showered a lot of love at this brand-new café and we can’t wait to get some breaking bad on us as well!

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