For those of you who aren’t aware, the world proudly celebrates world chocolate day on 7th July every year and that gives us just one other reason to go binge and get crazy with the brown (or white) goodness in all its glorious forms.

Here are 5 venues in Dubai well known for their Chocolate delicacies and are totally worth a try

Black Tap Dubai

Known for all the guilty pleasures of life – Thick Fries, Burgers, Beers and most importantly the Monster Shakes; Black Tap Dubai has it all.

Speaking of the monster shakes, Black Tap Dubai is one of the BEST places to visit if you’re looking for a weekend full of sweet indulgence. Some of their famous and most recommended Monster shakes are the famous Cotton Candy Shake, The Cookie shake, and The Brooklyn Blackout

This world Chocolate day, we recommend you go try the Brooklyn Blackout and we promise it’s going to be TOTALLY WORTH IT. The monster shake comprises of everything Chocolate, starting from the chocolate frosted rim with the mini chocolate chips topped with a sinful chocolate brownie, drizzled with a lot more of chocolate sauce. (YES! that’s a LOT of chocolate)

So, go and indulge in this sinful delight and thank us later!

Dip ‘N’ Dip Dubai

Get spoilt for choices at Dip ‘N’ Dip Dubai, with their loooong list of chocolate desserts in all forms, shapes, sizes, and color!

Be it Dark chocolate, white chocolate or just normal brown chocolate, Dip N Dip serves it all and in every form, be it a crepe, fondant, cakes, waffles or a fountain of goodness.

With 3 locations in Dubai, finding the closest store next to you won’t be a lot of hassle, the only problem you’ll face is what to order, given their elaborate list of tempting picks you simply can’t resist.

Some of their famous and top picks include the Brownie Crepe, Waffles, Brownie Chocolate, Fettuccine Crepe, Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Fondant

Cocoville Dubai

Celebrate world chocolate day at this family style restaurant, located in Jumeirah, serving some of the best chocolate dishes in Dubai.

The best part about this place is that the desserts are not just mouth watering but they are reasonably priced for you to enjoy and relish each dish without worrying too much about burning a hole in your pocket.

If you plan a visit to Cocoville, make sure you try the Brownies, Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, Chocolate Mousse, and Tiramisu Jar

Bon Appetite!

Cioccolat Italiani

A true paradise for a chocolate lover, Cioccolat Italiani is a  boutique Italian chocolate cafe located in Box Park Dubai.

As the name suggests, Cioccolat Italiani is the ultimate go-to place to satisfy all your chocolate cravings. The menu includes waffles, chocolate shots, gelato, crepes, coffees, specialty coffees, various types of hot chocolate and is a perfect place to make your cheat day worthwhile.

All in All, Cioccolat Italiani Dubai, is truly happiness personified!

Switch Dubai

Get ready to schedule a detox diet for the next 5 days because every dessert at Switch Dubai is binge worthy and you WILL NOT be able to resist having it!

Even though they have a range of different dishes on their menu, Switch Dubai is well known for its deadly desserts accompanied by its killer ambiance.

Right from it’s sinful Nutella pudding which oozes out chocolate to its Nutellaccino which is their version of a caffeine fix and of course the Kinder Melt which is full of surprises; Switch Dubai is calling out all the chocoholics to a “Chocolate all you can” day this World Chocolate Day.

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