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ALERT – That is what the new colour schemes on the roads aim to do. Earlier today, RTA announced that they would paint certain roads in RED to prevent and reduce accidents caused due to speeding. The distinctive colour on the roads will help the drivers to be more attentive about the changes of the speed limit on the roads and in turn help improve safety on the move.

Oud Metha Street near Bu Kadrah Interchange along the extension of Dubai-Al Ain Street, where the speed limit was recently reduced from 100kmh to 80kmh, received a fresh stretch of red paint.

As per information received, the next roads in the line up to get this new avatar will be the Sheikh Zayed Road near the fifth interchange, and the Jebel Ali-Lehbab Road near Lehbab, where the speed limit for both roads has been reduced from 120kmh to 100kmh.

As per RTA official Bin Adai, this action is taken to give the driver more time to reduce speed and avoid sudden breaks to adhere to speed limits. “We anticipate that this course of action will contribute to lowering the number of future accidents,” she said.


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