Traditional and authentic Lebanese cuisine, with an artsy twist you can’t afford to miss!

Dubai’s newest Lebanese restaurant on the block, Zahira, is all set to take away the dining scene by a storm. Soon to be launched at the H Hotel, Zahira is a complete delight to the lovers of authentic yet modern day Lebanese Cuisine. One of the major highlights of dining at Zahira will be the diversification of not just the menu but the journey through the different courses outlined for each guest. The culinary experience like none other includes the Art of Mezza, followed by the Art of sharing, Art of Garden and last but not the least the Art of sweet design and tradition for those with a sweet tooth. Some of the dishes like the Hazelnut falafel, Hummus topped with feta cheese, Tabbouleh, salmon kibbeh, duck bisteeya, wagyu basterma, seven vegetable tagine and knife & fork ice cream are the major highlights of the menu.

Walking into Zahira, every guest is set to feel a sense of complete exhilaration and immediate comfort, due to its warm and inviting ambiance, accompanied by dark green décor and soothing lounge music played by their resident DJ, which makes every minute spent there comforting by the minute. Divided into a dining area with seating for more than 130 people and a lounge area to grab some of the most perfect blends of both cocktails and mocktails, Zahira has something in store for everyone.

When asked to the man himself, about what he had in store for us with his new venture, this is what he had to say, “I’ve spent years working on the evolution of Lebanese cuisine and while the dishes need to remain faithful to the essence of the region they can still be presented with creative flair.”

All we can say is, if what you are looking for is good old traditional, middle eastern cuisine, combined with something new and exciting admist a mood set for a relaxing evening with your loved ones, Zahira is the place to be.

This Ramadan, Zahira will open its doors to all the guests with their special Iftar menu, which includes a culinary surprise up their sleeve, you just CANNOT afford to miss!

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