Freak shakes – Simply a delightful version of milkshakes gives you an impression that they have come out straight out of a chocolate factory. Loaded with colorful gems, ice cream, oreo, biscuits, pretzels, fruits and brownies, this well-known shake which could very well be a one-time meal replacement was introduced by Patissez, an Australian café in the year 2015. And since then the ‘freakshakes’ have caught the fancy of food lovers all over the world.

So, if you find having just Milkshakes too mainstream check out these absolutely freakish lists of monster Freak shares you can have in Dubai here:

Serendipity Dubai

Taking the freak shake experience to another level, Serendipity, located in City Walk & Dubai Festival City is one of the best places to go if you are looking for a treat with a twist. This chain from the US is famous for their larger-than-life portions of decadent desserts and is definitely ought to leave you wanting more.

Bazxar Dubai

If you ever feel like being on a chocolate overdose or looking to make the most of your cheat day. Bazxar is the place to go. The Freakshake comprises of Kitkat, Pretzels and Nutella Ice Cream all in one milkshake.

Fume Dubai

From Chocolate to Berries to the cheesecake lover and more; Fume brings an exclusive menu for all the Monster Shake lovers in Dubai. Their Freakshakes are too good to have just once and are a must have for those with a sweet tooth.

The Black Lion Dubai

Taking life one freak shake at a time. Recently, The Black Lion revealed it’s seven insane creations featuring doughnuts, pecan tart, banoffee, pistachio, cookies and more. Their signature Freak Shakes are hard to miss and are an absolute delight to your taste buds.

Circle Cafe Dubai

Their freak shakes mark a hidden gem in one of the best freakshake must haves in Dubai quite literally as it’s not mentioned on their menu. The monster shake is good to serve a group of 4 to 5 and is loaded with marshmallows, chocolates, pretzels, ice creams and much more.

La Pulpe Dubai

Live life king size as they say and bringing that to life, La Pulpe serves one of the messiest, over – the – top freakshakes that are not just amazing to taste but are a visual delight too.

Clawbbq Dubai

Peanut butter and jelly, torched marshmallows, Reeses and many more of such amazing combinations is what you can expect to have here. Their monster shakes are one of the bestsellers at the restaurant and are completely Insta- looking- worthy

Sugarrush Dubai

A Food truck that serves Freakshakes, Amazing, right? All you have to do is drive to The Last Exit in Dubai and get yourselves one of these cheat worthy monster shakes which are an absolute pleasure to taste and is ought to give you a sugar rush.

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