Gallus Rotisserie Dubai is the Ultimate Foodies Paradise..... Here's why!

Gallus Rotisserie, born in the heart of France, and now located in DIFC, UAE is the ultimate foodies paradise; specially if you are someone who likes traditional slow roasted chicken.

Infused with flavour in every bite, and accompanied with an array of signature sauces, the dining experience here is one of a kind, and a definite must try for all. Recently, the restaurant launched their brand new menu, with something for everyone. The menu comprises of an array of delicious options, right from the appetizers,  main courses and desserts. To begin your meal, you can choose their delicious piri piri or classic fries, corn on the cob, mashed potato and much more; But if you’re someone who likes to start on a healthy note, there is an impressive choice of salads like the Spinach, Beetroot & Feta, or the Peruvian Tabbouleh.

For the mains, the menu includes the classic favourites like Gallus Roast, Gallus Kabsa, and the Gallus Fitness chicken, which is the skinless  chicken served with a side of greens and legumes. For those of you looking for something unique and insta-good, the chicken stuffed Avocado and Baked chicken sweet potato, won’t fail to impress you.

Like we said, there is something for everyone, the Vegetarian Panini, Mushroom Soup, Avocado Protein Toast among many more, are some of the options for anyone looking for a vegetarian delight.

Last but never the least, to end your meal on a sweet note; The Les Gallussettes,  filled with velvety vanilla cream and covered in sugar, is the perfect dessert and is assured to leave in you a food-coma.

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