Not a morning person? McDonald’s has brought to all the residents of UAE the perfect reason to rise and shine even before the sun does!

On the occasion of the national breakfast week, McDonald’s has announced not one but TWO irresistible offers, which is practically a dream come true.

What are we talking about?

With more than 8000 breakfast meals served everyday, all over the country, McDonald’s has officially announced the ALL DAY BREAKFAST project, where they’ll be serving the oh- so – delicious Egg McMuffins, Hash Browns, hot cakes and other breakfast items all day (and night) long!

Starting from the 14th of March till the 20th of March, they have extended their cut off time for a week giving all the late risers a chance to grab not just breakfast but a cup of fresh premium roast McCoffee which will be served all day long for just AED10.

As an addition to the offers announced by McDonalds earlier today, there is another good news for those who make it to McDonald’s during their regular breakfast timings, i.e., anytime between 5:00am to 11:00am. The deal includes all the customers to get selected FREE BREAKFAST ITEMS with a coupon received by the cashier on purchase of any other food item purchased from their menu. AWESOME, RIGHT !?

P.S.  Since the offers are strictly applicable to residents, we suggest you keep your ID proofs well accessible to avoid any kind of disappointment.

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