Worlds collide. We’re back with something so new and fresh, it’s a whole other world. Welcome to ¡Oye!

This is our partnership with the fantastic James Locksmith, Shadi Megallaa,Natalie Shooter and more. Collective world beats, and an exploration of music from across the globe. Magic from the magic men (and women) behind the decks.

Part I
—–Swim & Tonic—–
The party starts at Swim & Tonic at 4pm, just when the sun goes behind the Business Bay skyline. Leave your normal Friday life behind.

Shadi Megallaa of The Flip Side acclaim will kickstart the day (night) out on the poolside. Cool yourself down in the pool preferably with multiple icy beverages and ice buckets in the pool if you like.

A samba drumline will appear in all their luster, with tropical rhythms guiding you downstairs to The Backyard, at 8pm where Part II will commence.

Part II
——The Backyard——

Natalie Shooter will man (woman) the decks to start our party downstairs. Sweat it out on the dancefloor, beat Jim easily on a round of beer pong (because we all know Jim’s game is weak).

If it is time to cool down, grab a Corona and stick your feet in our kiddie pools at the COOL DOWN SECTION™. Still too warm? Visit our EXTRA COOL DOWN SECTION ICE BLIZZARD™. Donations aren’t mandatory, but dumping a bucket of ice on your friend is.

Killer curator James Locksmith will grab hold of the decks towards the tail end and take you on a spiritual journey through space and time for the remainder of the evening.

This night is about leaving your comfort zone (and maybe inhabiting someone elses.)

We will give you the tools to succeed, Part III is up to you….

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