Al Nafoorah Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Road
Casual Dining, Family, Valet, Atmosphere, Shisha, Chill
Opening Time
Sun12:00 to 15:30Mon12:00 to 15:30Tue12:00 to 15:30Wed12:00 to 15:30Thu12:00 to 15:30Fri12:00 to 16:00Sat12:00 to 16:00
Valet Parking WiFi Platinum Card Discount Alcohol Shisha Entertainer
Cuisine: LebaneseTel.Reservation: CALL NOWTel.Reservation: 800 666353Mail: [email protected]Area: Sheikh Zayed RoadAmbience: Casual Dining, Family, Valet, Atmosphere, Shisha, ChillOpening Time: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wen, Thu From: 12:00 To: 15:30
Fri, Sat From: 12:00 To: 16:00

Al Nafoorah Dubai

Al Nafoorah, derived from the Arabic word for ‘fountain’, is a Dubai institution renowned for the most authentic Lebanese cuisine and generous hospitality.

Situated in the iconic Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Al Nafoorah is hugely popular with the business fraternity from the neighbouring financial district, as well as being a ‘must visit’ destination for GCC families and tourists alike. As a font of Lebanese culture Al Nafoorah offers convivial family-style dining, time-honored culinary traditions, rustic flavours, live music, belly dancing and shisha – all of which serve to remind the guest of ‘home’.

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