Mediterranean, Contemporary European, Spanish
Fine Dining, Family
Opening Time
All Days12:00 to 03:00
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Contemporary European, SpanishTel.Reservation: CALL NOWTel.Reservation: +9714 359 7777Mail: [email protected]Area: DIFCAmbience: Fine Dining, FamilyOpening Time: All Days From: 12:00 To: 03:00

LALUZ Restaurant & Lounge is a stunning, attractive, luxurious, dynamic, warm yet welcoming place; a space that adapts well to both daylife and nightlife through the use of a variety of entertaining effects.

The Barcelona based Grupo Tragaluz uses the organic ornamentation, noble materials, gold metals, natural stones and geometric figures to reinterpret the luxury, coziness and elegance we seek for the place as well as the modern and contemporary elements on the ground such as modern tables, chairs and other decoration elements.

The interior design is a very important element of the concept as it captures the client’s attention at first sight. The interior design is signed by Tarruella Trenchs Studio, famously awarded around the world.

The graphic design was conceptualized by Mr. Mario Eskenazi, one of the world’s most prominent graphic designers. His works are studied in universities around the globe.

LALUZ Restaurant & Lounge is a fine dining restaurant with different sections: Restaurant, open kitchen area and Bar & Lounge. These areas can be transformed along the day. (..continue transforming throughout the day.)

The whole place responds to a clear philosophy; the venue is a fantastic place for executives working in the area, either having a snack or a coffee, an informal meeting between hours or even having a gathering with friends. It’s a venue where things happen during the day. The venue also provides a vibrant and attractive place for young people and groups to get together and celebrate at any time of the day.

On the table one can share different plates with friends or fellow partners. In the heart of the DIFC where people from many different nationalities work and do business together, the main idea is to make guests feel at home through a warm & fresh treat and share with them the most contemporary Spanish cuisine, from the kitchen to the table.

The cuisine is brought to you by the hands of the Barcelona-born chef, Alain Devahive. Alain has spent many years honing his craft and discovering the world of exploratory gastronomy in some of the world’s finest kitchens. His vast experience has taught him not only the value of an open mind and a large dose of creativity when it comes to creating memorable dining experiences, but of a genuine passion and a trailblazing attitude. Alain hopes to deliver all of this and more to the customers of LALUZ and to continue delivering the excellence expected upon entering any of the Grupo Tragaluz’s restaurants.

The Bar & Lounge offers an attractive environment where to have informal meetings between hours, an appetizer & have a drink before dinner and close the night in one of the top wannabe’s places of Dubai.

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